Cell QC System

According to the resume of the management and staff of Arian Technology Caspian Communication Company, the main expertise and activity of the company is based on the systems of maintenance, optimization and improvement of the mobile network.

In 2010, the company had executive contracts in the field of mobile network optimization and test drive in several telecommunications of the province and the regulatory organization. In 2015 and 2016, it conducted SSV tests and the Rural Test Drive project for the first quality company and the regulatory body.

And from 2015 until now, with the experiences gained in the field of test drive, it started to produce mobile network testing software from the user's point of view (End User) called mobile monitoring (CellQC), which unfortunately, despite being native and using technology Rooz was not welcomed by operators due to its tendency towards foreign software.

In a new attempt, the company tested with the help of local experts and native knowledge of the proprietary software for automatic production of drive reports, which is capable of automatically producing reports at the expert and management level that foreign software lacks.

After the last two experiences, the company started to produce a comprehensive software called CellQc Manager, which has the ability to archive and manage log files, as well as compare and benchmark tests performed on the map and instant view of test drive teams.

The company is ready to provide these solutions to operators and the Radio Regulatory Authority.

 Arian Ertebat Caspian solution in drive test projects


Major problems of mobile network subscribers
    Mobile network coverage
     Difficulty calling
     Problem sending SMS
     Internet problems

How can they report accurate information about the problem to the regulator?


What is cell Qc software?
The best way to find subscribers' problems and solve the exact location by the operator.
Track operators to solve problems.
Reduce the cost of drive test projects to find subscriber problems.
Increase customer satisfaction.
The best way to find the best operator.
The subscriber database is updated to check for problems.

How does CELL-QC software work?
Pictures of user and Expert versions of CELL-QC
How operators use this software
Technical specifications of the module

    Installation on all different operating systems and versions of smartphones on the market
    Support for new operating systems and versions in the future
    Installation on a variety of smartphones, tablets and other devices that can use the SIM card
    Availability of Application on Karma Karma site for installation by subscribers
    Availability of Application on Google Play, App Store and other popular and widely used apps such as Bazaar, Iran App and other items for download and installation by subscribers
    Having a low volume, for download and installation by subscribers
    Display common location on Google Map or other client-approved online maps
    Provide test for download and upload speed of data by subscribers
    Ability to display the volume of data consumed by subscribers online
    Ability to display the latest account balance of credit and permanent subscribers and the amount of remaining data
    Ability to display details of the volume of data consumed according to the services and different applications of subscribers
    Ability to display History Network performance from a shared perspective (number of calls established, number of calls interrupted)
    Registration of network problems by subscribers, including: non-coverage problem, data non-service problem, poor call quality, low data speed (subscriber can report network coverage problem according to the complained location)
    Roaming analysis
    Detect and analyze the latest status of subscribers in terms of activating / deactivating MNP (Mobile Number Portability)
    Export module results to Google Map or Google Earth
    Display GIS with QoE indicators in the system
    Integration and Correlation with other system modules
    In the APP module, the number of licenses is considered for an unlimited number of subscribers
    Attract the minimum number of subscribers in each area or per square kilometer according to the employer's opinion for different urban, road and rural areas

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