Automation of irrigation

Automation of irrigation

Increase Productivity:

     Prevent root rot
     Product increase
     Reduce water consumption
     Reduce soil erosion

Automatic control:
     Based on time period
     According to environmental conditions

Android user interface:

     Send commands
     Show environmental conditions
     Consumption report

Irrigation process control systems based on cultivation environmental conditions:
     Use of soil moisture meters
     Utilization of meteorological system

     Apply water consumption patterns
     Current status report and water consumption (web, ‌ Android phone)

Soil moisture detection devices:

     Use of high precision detection sensors
     Distance reading and no need for wiring
     Utilizing an independent solar power system
     Control the start and end of irrigation process by sending a command to the solenoid valve or pump according to environmental conditions, meteorological station information and water requirement schedule
     Ease of installation and commissioning




weather station:
     Calculate the amount of rainfall
     Calculate the amount of air and soil moisture
     Calculate the intensity of radiation

     Calculate wind intensity
     Calculate the dew point
     Calculate the rate of evapotranspiration
     Calculate the amount of water consumption
     Independent nutrition
     Wireless communication
     Remote reading, data logger 






Mobile user interface

  •    Show temperature conditions, amount of soil and water moisture, radiation intensity, wind speed and direction, ‌ rainfall, amount of water consumption and review the trend of changes in these factors in the desired time period.
  • Calculation of dew point and evapotranspiration rate according to environmental conditions of the region (air humidity, wind speed, radiation intensity, etc.)
  • Show the current status of the device, events and alarms, battery charge, input and output ports, send commands, etc.

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