introduction of company

 Arian Ertebat Caspian, with the aim of providing equipment, services and consulting in the fields of IT, telecommunications, electronics, industrial ventilation and refrigeration systems,

Supervision and protection with the presence of a group of managers and experts in the telecommunications and computer industry was established in 2009 and is providing services to various companies. in this

For a long time, with increasing efforts in the field of various products and providing unique services, it succeeded in gaining the trust and satisfaction of customers. The services of this collection include several sections

Design and production, engineering and execution services, contracting services and equipment supply.



     Provide professional solutions in the field of cellular networks in areas related to the main mobile network operators and contractors
     Design and manufacture of new generation air conditioners
     Design of telecommunication software based on value added systems
     Design and construction of security and protection systems



     Provide the best customer service and become a vital and irreplaceable company in the field of telecommunications and IT around the world



 Advantages of cooperation with Arian Ertebat Caspian Company:

     Provide solutions to minimize costs
     Sharing experience and providing job training
     Structured and flexible organization
     Adjust the speed of projects


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