Solutions Based IOT

Solutions Based IOT

Provide IOT solutions for all Industries i
Systems Cooling

Systems Cooling

Cooling Systems  
network optimization mobile

network optimization mobile

  First provider of automatic report and analysis mobile network quality  
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Ariyan Ertebat Services

The only set of mobile network analysis provider automatically


24/7 Support

Air Conditioner Systems

Providing cooling products for industrial places

Securities Systems

Provide new solutions in security systems

Mobile network optimization software

Creavete Softwares in mobile network field

Latest Works

  • Cell QC System
    According to the resume of the management and staff of Arian Technology Caspian Communication Company, the main expertise and activity of the company is based on the systems of maintenance, optimization and improvement of the mobile network.In 2010, the company had executive contracts in the field of mobile network optimization…
  • Mobile network measurement services
    Arian Ertebat Caspian Company, the provider of the latest mobile network equipment, exclusively provides the equipment needed for optimization and drive testing. Provide equipment to mobile operators, regulatory agencies and affiliated contractors. Also, in various periods in the projects of the regulatory agency as a technical company, in addition to…
  • ACU R2 MOS test Kit
    New useful tools to improve network testing, test quality:Test Kit ACU R2 MOS , PESQ, POLQA MOS, P862.1, P863 برای Tems Investigation 
  • Probe
    Probe tool (automated testing) Its advantages are:A versatile network testing platform:High-speed in-car, indoor and field multi-core processors and large memory capacityFlexible platform supports different types of devices (including phones and modems)Support for existing and emerging wireless standards to CAPEX.Includes 4pcs cell phones below

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