Mobile complaints registration software for mobile operators





(Mechanized Registration Software Subscribers Complaints Operators of Mobile)

With this software, all parameters examined in the drive test that are tested by the operator subscribers. And the results are sent to the operator's server and the operator's experts send the results to the subscriber after examining the test.


This tests consist of the following items:

  1. Covergae: LAC ,NODE ,CellId ,PC ,Level ,Qual ,Network Type ,RNC ,RSCP , EcNo ,SNR.
  2. Call: Voice calls, Successful Calls, Blocked Calls,Dropped Calls
  3. SMS: SMS Sent, SMS not Sent, SMS Delivered, SMS Not Delivered
  4. Internet Ping TEST , Upload Test , Download Test


The Advantages of CELL QC software:

the real test common experience of the service provided by the operator (roads and main street are examined in drive test and are not tested inside of buildings and passages and there are always dissatisfied subscribers who are suffering from lack of antenna coverage).

Registration of complaints and dissatisfaction of subscribers completely mechanized and track

Helps to operator that identify precise locations for expanding and increasing network capacity

Compare the data obtained from this method with other measuring methods, including Tems, Swiss Quall for the operator can be possible

Specifies common dissatisfaction from which of the operator service

User Application

users can send to the results to operator server via the Internet or SMS after installing the application on the mobile and take test to be investigated


Server application:

There are different levels of access to obtain information.


Automatic sending of subscriber tests to experts in different field to check the coverage of the conversation, SMS and the Internet by applying geographical ranges

ability to connect this program to Tems Discovery

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