OUTDOOR Air conditioner


OUTDDOR Air conditioner in 2 modes AC, DC

AEC CO has launched to designing and manufacturing air conditioner systems for AC and DC in Iran

With the cooperation of foreign accredited active companies in this field and using the experience of their engineers.

All components of the system have been designed and manufactured in a fully industrialized and suitable for climatic conditions of Iran, according to the type of parts that used in these products, the life time and high reliability, are the obvious characteristics of these products

According to variety of equipment, the location of the climate, the space required and the importance of site security, there is need for a thorough examination of the required cooling capacity, type of airflow and location, and the physical design of the device (preventing theft) that the company has the ability to review, analyze, design and suggest in this regard

The coolers of AEC support the following standards and have a range of capacities ranging from 1,000 to 18,000 BTUs.

  • Interior and exterior fan of Germany's EBM
  • Optimized Compressor for Telecommunication Industries, Hitachi, Japan
  • Smart troubleshooting system in case of any system problems with the smart troubleshooting system will active and check the problem and display the item as an alarm on the screen
  • Saving energy: Three pieces of this internal fan system, external fan and compressor control the cooling capacity and energy consumption which the smart controller system control the capacity of these components and saves energy consumption and bring down maintenance costs
  • Low noise: Fans and compressors used in Brushless, which reduces noise in the environment when working on the
  • Protection against decay using a sheet of metal protected against decay and corrosion in wet areas or extreme environmental conditions
  • Easy maintenance: Designed for ease of installation and repair
  • Ability to work with different power inputs: The system can be suggested in various models of V DC 48 and 220V AC and DC
  • Monitoring: Connects to the computer via the RS485 input and also the ability to view and control parameters by screen on the device and supports MODBUS protocols for communication with other servers