Ariyan Ertebat Caspian Co




Provision of professional solutions in the field of cellular networks related to the main operators of mobile networks and subcontractors.
Design and construction of new generation air conditioners.
Value-added base on telecom software design.
Design and construction of security and protection systems.

Providing the best service to customers and becoming a vital and irreplaceable company in the field of telecommunications and IT all over the world.


Advantages of cooperation with the AEC Company:

Providing solutions to minimize costs

Sharing experience and provide training job

Structured and flexible organization

Adjusting the speed of projects


The company was founded in 2009 and has three branches in Tehran and Shiraz and a branch in Canada and has a successful resume with the operators of MCI and MTN and RighTel and is ready perfectly to serve as well as to offer other countries.




  • Unit 10,No1006 , between Daneshjo Park and college, Enghelab St, Tehran
  • 021-28424880
  • 021-28424880
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